Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Second Round

These are my entries in Ekaterina's Moleskine. She has those excellent gallant cavaliers and i started out trying to stay in that world. Then i wound up leaving that world.

I found out a few days ago that Im moving again-2008 has seen me in Harlem, Queens and now Brooklyn. Ill make sure to change my address when I know what the new one is.
Hectic times in the year of the Rat!


Lynne said...

yay! these are great :-)

Jan Allsopp said...

Aw, I swat at imaginary mosquitoes! So dynamic and fun.

katya said...

Wow! Is it my moly? I am so happy.
I like how you deal with bleeding images.

yellbroad said...

it's very beautiful!

Lady Orlando said...

Great colours. I love how your images looks like :))

benconservato said...

wonderful wonderful!
I need to get a move on.