Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Done and on it's way

Well, firstly here's my cover. Now you can see why I'm asking you to add something to the cover as well. Such a dodgy job on the printing here! Please go crazy on it!
I decided to go with cards - actually that happens a lot to me...
I put my 2nd and 3rd pages randomly throughout the book. Put yours anywhere you like.
I had a bit of trouble with my white paint so I left it out in this one. I actually forgot to sign them - but it doesn't matter because it's me - and this made me think to say that I really want you to sign your drawings in the book, not just the sign-in page please.
My sign-in page is done like a library book. Please put your details on the card and add a date stamp and/or any thing you like to enhance it's borrowed-many-times look.
It's already in the mail to you Yoda!


Lady Orlando said...

Great! I can't wait to have it. Now I have to think what I'm going to make :))

Your entries are so nice :D

Lynne said...

fun pages...:-)
what sort of additions would you like on the cover?

Jan Allsopp said...

I like surprises!

yellbroad said...

Wow... you have made an amazing cover!!

It's a great idea make the additions at random pages :)

Burger Raff said...

these are all excellent. visually theyre very clear, and theyll mix with the others in a quality way!

nice sign in sheet as well-taking it up a notch on that one