Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pages question

Hello dear all.

I have this problem:

I counted the pages of my moly and I noticed there is one page less. Thing is, if I make my three drawings one of you will only have the chance to make 2 instead of three of yours. I don't mind making just two so all of you have the chance to make your three.

What do you all think about?


Lynne said...

have you counted the first page....the one with 'please return to' on oi? oh dear ...I will be willing to give up a page if necessary.....:-)

Crousie said...

I don't mind giving up a page. =]

benconservato said...

My moleskine seems to have gone AWOL, I can't wait to start and count my pages too. If necessary, I will give up a page.

Burger Raff said...

i was curious about this to- like lynne said and did i wound up drawing on top of the 'this book belongs to' words given to me by the people at Moleskine...and with that page i had 42.

Lady Orlando said...

If I count the first page there will be no problem then and I'll get my three pages :)

I'll use it then :>