Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moly help

Hey there,
I've been waiting forever for my came and it's not the right one! Which kind did we finally decide on? Is it the Moleskine Plain Cahier Journal..the last 16 pages re detachable (it's 64 pages)...or something else?

Also, in the instructions it says– Each artist will do 3 pages. The artwork is to be on the right hand page, with the back left for text etc....

I'm a little confused by the "back left"'s just three spreads with the text on the left hand side and the images on the right, right?

I'm sorry for my confusion and I know you must have discussed this already, but one more thing! :) Do I need to count out the pages or do I just randomly decide where my three spreads will be? I'm assuming the first spread will be in the beginning of the book, skipping the first page?

thanks for your help


Lynne said...

Now that there has been one person drop out you could probably start your book on a proper page and have your sign in pages ...the book is the "small sketchbook" it is the one with the purple paper slip wrap, and black leather cover, .Put your images where you want them, I have chosen to do them in one batch rather than scatter them through the book, I am worried about peoples work being damaged if they scatter them through the book.You could also choose what you want on the back of your pages, I have chosen words because it adds to the fun for me, and previously it was going to be the sign in system for me...but you could have images on that side as well? Because it is your book it is your choice :-)
hope this helps a bit

Burger Raff said...

i feel like lynne got you covered but...yea, you can start on the 2nd could scatter your entries throughout-thats actually an interesting idea-i put all mine together. good luck!