Saturday, October 11, 2008

An idea

Hello everyone,

First of all, wonderful work so far!
So normally I would have each artist write on the backs of their entries their names, when they completed their piece and what materials they used, along with a little something about themselves that they want to share. Since it seems as though this isn't possible in this exchange, I'd like to put little cards in the pocket of my Moly for this purpose. I figure since we are only doing one round, one card per artist will work. How does this sound to everyone? I will have a card for myself in there as an example. I also want everyone to sign their work, so years and years later I can look at the book and say, "Oh yes, this one is Lisa's and that's Emma's". I find what we are doing to be quite special, and I just like to have a little information about all the wonderful people that are a part of it :)


Lynne said...

what a lovely idea, you will have a great record of where your moly has been :-)

benconservato said...

Always full of good ideas!