Sunday, April 3, 2011


Stepping in here again to figure out what is going on. Questions for you:
Is Lynne's book still missing?
Does Tau still have any books?
Is Yellbroad really out and does she have any books?
Can people please tell me which books they have in their possession please. At this point I am sure people don't care if you are hoarding or not. Just the safety of their books.

If people are at a loss as to where to send them next if you are getting no reply, I am sure the Australian section will happily draw in your books if you want to send them to one of us.


Jan Allsopp said...

Go Emma! I have no books. I sent Yellbroards book back to her. She is definitely out. She said she didn't have any books. I'd love to keep going with this group.

benconservato said...

I am pleased to hear she got her book back. That is a good start. OK... next! Who else wants to tell us what they've got?

Burger Raff said...

I have no books


szaza said...

Hi peeps! Are we still rolling? I have held onto Emma's book because I wasn't sure where I could send it to. I would like to send it off— any takers?