Monday, September 6, 2010

Knock, knock!

Hello artists,

In addition to being a participant in this exchange, I'll also be our friendly neighbourhood Exchange Moderator. What does this mean? From time to time I will be performing a pulse check to see how our progress is going. Now I know I am guilty of having Emma's book for ages. I hope to finish it this week and get it out, but I am wondering where the others are.

So who has whose books?
Are we continuing the exchange?
Do some of us want to bow out?

There is no shame in admitting we want to live our lives— Life should take precedence over exchanges, but communication is key to making sure everyone is happy and without worry. That being said, where is my book? Lisa, you have a few in your hands, yes?

So let's get organised. I really like this exchange and was showing off Emma's book to my students last week and their expressions of awe made me wonder why on earth I am stumped every time I put my pen to the book, and why we haven't had any movement lately. It would be a wonderful thing to complete these books, but if we are going to, let's do it in 2011? Is that reasonable?

Best wishes to you all!


Burger Raff said...

Oh hello

I dont have a book but Im interested in continuing.


benconservato said...

Well, I would love to continue, do we have track of everyone's books, or is this still the missing in the post group? So sad. I would love some news.

benconservato said...

ah yes, of course, you have my book Szaza. Silly me.

szaza said...

I do have your book, I have been having a tough time with it. I think I don't like my entries and it has made me freak every time I open the book. But it is safe and sound, and it will get sent it out— though I haven't heard news from Lisa— Lisa are you able to take another book? How many do you have?

Jan Allsopp said...

Hi, I've got Yellbroad's book and have had for a long time because I didn't want to send it to Samantha as the last book I sent to her got lost. I've just noticed in the sidebar chat that she wants to leave the group. I'll post it back to her. That will leave me book-less.

Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen said...

Hi All,
Yep I'm still in the group. Not sure why I'm so intimidated by this group...I think it has to do with having to come up with three entries instead of one. Currently I have Pamela's and Jan's molys.So Samantha if you want to send the book you have ready to Jan or Josh I wont object, as my schedule is quite full as the moment.


szaza said...

Good to hear from you, Lisa!
I know what you mean about intimidated— I've had Emma's book for ages and I was pretty happy with the first entry but then freaked on the second... every time I open it, I close it back up! I feel terrible about keeping it for so long but I am stuck!

Josh, I can send it to you when I get over my feelings of insecurity :)

katya said...

I am interested in continuing. But I did not see any moleskines from this exchange for more then a year.

benconservato said...

oh the shame!

Jan Allsopp said...

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all in a Moly_x_48 mood this year!!! Intimidated? Well if we feel like that how about we change the rules. Anything to keep this exchange moving! What would keep us all happy?

benconservato said...

Maybe those comments about the 3 entries is the key. Do what you want, if you only want to do 2 pages do 2... or even one. It is a shame that this one has stalled. As I still know where my book is, I am not too worried. Samantha has had a few things on her plate.