Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The who what where and when of books

I know a lot of you didn't like my chart but here I go again with it because it helps me to understand and some others in the group did like it also.

To see who has your book:
Look along the top (blue & white) list of names and find yours. Slide down that column. X means they have had it and finished it. X means they have it, but it's not yet finished.
To see what books you have done:
Look down the side (yellow & white) list of names and find yours. Slide across that column. X means you have had it and finished it. X means you have it, but it's not yet finished.

To update this chart:
Let me know what books you have (X) that I have missed.
Let me know if I've missed adding ones you've done (X).

I know I've missed some and probably got some wrong too. It's a work in progress ;]

Chart edited 6.35am 4.09.09 from Cathy's post.
Chart edited 9.59pm 3.09.09 from Pam's comment.
Chart edited 6.35am 24.08.09 from Josh's comment.
Chart edited 3.55pm 20.08.09 from Lisa's comment.
Chart edited 8.07am 20.8.09


Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

I have Jan and Yoda's books. However, I'm not sure what to do with Yoda's... send it back to her or send it on and we can send it to her when the exchange is complete... any thoughts from the group?

Jan Allsopp said...

Thanks Lisa,
I've updated the chart to show you have those books. I'm happy to leave Yoda's book in the exchange if others are too, then send it on to her at the end.

benconservato said...

I'm happy to finish Yoda's book too if she is into the idea. She has gone a little quiet now she is moving about.

benconservato said...
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Lynne said...

me too...:-)

Burger Raff said...

I also have (X) Samantha's book that Im working on. In regards to Yoda, were facing a similar question in another group she's in, when to send her books back to her. It seems to me we should finish her books then return them to her when she sets up shop wherever shes moving.

Jan Allsopp said...

Thanks Josh. I wonder who has Yoda's book now?

Jan Allsopp said...

Maybe I should not post comments so early in the morning! Yes I see it is Lisa!

pamjack said...

Hey Jan,I have Cathy's and Yvonne's books and will be posting Eva's book to you tomorrow :)

Jan Allsopp said...

Updated - Pam thanks.