Thursday, April 23, 2009

The princess, the prince and the warrior

Here are my entries for Pam's book. I'm sorry it took me too long on those.
I hope you like them :)


Lynne said...

magnificent ! :-)

Jan Allsopp said...

Beautiful! Love the fabric patterns. Are they all wearing the same ring? They remind me of playing cards.

Lady Orlando said...

Thank you Lynne :)

Wow, you have a good eye, Jan. Yes, they're wearing the same ring :)

szaza said...

You are so talented my dear.
These are wonderful entries!
You hide such exciting little details in your drawings, it's always so much fun to try and discover them all.

Burger Raff said...

i was looking at these again just now, the design really is so strong. the patterns, the black backgrounds, the intracy of detail, they work very well together!